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Tecalemit Track Align GTR420/W 4 Wheel Laser Alignment System

The GTR 420/W is a compact easy to use high precision 4 wheel laser alignment system. Manufactured to the most exacting standards and developed by Tecalemit to provide rapid measurement of key vehicle geometry angles. The GTR 420/W features precision engineered components including a high resolution class B laser with laser levelling to carryout all your caster / camber / tracking adjustments and is accompanied by a 24 Month Warranty!
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£1,929 +VAT

Tecalemit Track Align GTR420/W 4 Wheel Laser Alignment System
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£1,929 +VAT

It is easy and quick to set up and very simple to use. It can accomodate wheel sizes from 12" - 23" with a particular feature of low clearance measuring heads to clear front spoilers. It will measure front and rear wheel toe, total toe, set back and rear wheel thrust line. Camber, Caster & SAI can also be measured using the optional camber caster gauge. It comes with a wall mounted storage unit (trolley mounted option available) and a built in battery charger and includes pedal applicator, steering wheel clamp and graduated stainless steel turning plates.

It comes on a wall mounted rach but a trolley mounted version is also available.

For those working on Light Commercial Vehicles a heavy duty version which extends to accomodate wheels up to 890mm. 

Watch this short video on how the GTR400 system could help your garage effortlessly align wheels on a range of vehicle sizes.

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