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MOT Bays

We at No1 Garage Equipment Ltd pride ourselves on providing high quality, VOSA approved test facilities for every vehicle class available today, including:

  • Class I & II - Motorcycles
  • Class III - 3 Wheeled vehicles, upto 450kg in weight
  • Class IV - 4 Wheeled vehicles, upto 3000kg in weight
  • Class V - Private Passenger Vehicles & Ambulances
  • Class VII - 4 Wheeled vehicles from 3000kg - 3500kg
  • ATF Bays - For Heavy Goods Vehicles

We can provide a number of different solutions, catering to the varying amount of space that MOT Centers find themselves with, including:

  • 2 Post Lifts
  • 4 Post Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Vehicle Pits

We offer a number of complete packages for the most popular, Class IV and Class VII vehicles, with packages available from brands such as Crypton, Tecalemit, Velyen and Bradbury, with packages designed for both two-person and ATL/OPTL single-person testing.

The key differences between two and single-person operated MOT Bays are:

  • A set of weighing scales built into the brake tester
  • A Set of shaker plates

These two components allow for one person to perform an MOT test unassisted and so are a superb cost and labour saving addition to any MOT testing facility, allowing your staff to be best utilised.

If you currently operate a standard MOT bay without these tools, we are able to offer upgrade packages to turn your current facilities into a one-person test lane, please give us a call on 01432 272 594 so that we can advise you on the costs and timescales of such an upgrade.

We have no doubt that we can provide a high quality, VOSA approved solution that matches both your budget and your requirements from our wide range of available equipment.