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Commercial Equipment

One of our specialty services at No1 Garage Equipment Ltd is the design and installation of complete test lanes designed to our customers exacting requirements.

A natural extension of this service is to cater to commercial requirements as well, so we're pleased to offer a design and installation service on commercial test lanes, for vehicles from larger vans, smaller commercial vehicles, right up to both rigid and articulated heavy goods vehicles, known as a VOSA authorised testing facility (ATF).

An ATF installation requires a a site made to VOSA specifcation which can be designed and constructed for you, with installation of equipment handled by the equipment manufacturers engineers the end result being a site where your goods vehicles of all sizes can be inspected and tested by VOSA staff, at your own premesis.

Should the installation and design of a pit be required at your workshop, this is something we can provide, made specifically to your order.

ATF Lanes allow testing & inspection of the following:

  • Rigid & Articulated Goods Vehicles
  • Public Service Vehicles
  • Single Deck Public Vehicles
  • Goods Vehicles & Trailers
  • Restricted Vehicles

For further advice and information on pit construction, ATF design or commercial vehicle testing please feel free to give us a call on 01432 272 594 and we will do our very best to answer any questions as best we can.