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Tecalemit TBM/TIRO/2500 Automatic Wheel Balancer

The Tecalemit TBM2500 Wheel Balancer is a computerised digital wheel balancing machine suitable for use in garages balancing all type of car and car derived van wheels. It has a double LED display which allows the weight and position of the internal & external weights to be displayed simultaneously.
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£1,995 +VAT

Tecalemit TBM/TIRO/2500 Automatic Wheel Balancer
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£1,995 +VAT

The Tecalemit TBM200 also has an added benefit of automatic wheel data entry via an automatic wheel width measurement gauge, so saving the need for manual measurement with callipers and data entry to the machine.

There is a multi-operator program enabling different operators to retain data and a simple to use compact control panel with a special key for the split weight programme. It has all the safety devices that you would expect of a Tecalemit machine including an emergency shut down and wheel guards.

  • Weight:90Kg
  • Single Phase:230V 1PH 50 Hz
  • Max. Wheel Weight:70Kg
  • Balancing Speed:167 RPM
  • Max. Wheel Diameter:44"
  • Rim Width:2" - 16"
  • Rim Diameter:8" - 30"

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