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Sealey SM19 Parts Cleaning Tank

The SM19 parts cleaning tank by Sealey, with it's one-peice tank design and fully sealed electric motor with magnetic drive pump unit provides a heavy duty parts cleaning solution.
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£299 +VAT

Sealey SM19 Parts Cleaning Tank
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£299 +VAT

The SM19 features a self-latching fusible link which automatically snaps the lid shut in the event of a fire and also features a removable shelf and small parts basket.

The flexible metal nozzel directs solvent over work and this unit is provided with a workshop stand with an integral storage shelf.

  • Model No:SM19
  • Overall Height:880mm
  • Tank Height:260mm
  • Tank Width:540mm
  • Tank Length:810mm
  • Pump Output/hr:200ltr
  • Motor Power:25W
  • Supply:230V
  • Weight:24kg
  • Max. Working Capacity:50ltr
  • Min. Working Capacity:40ltr

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