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Bradbury H7553 ATL 5.5 Tonne hybrid Lift

The H7553 hybrid lift by Bradbury, uses only the best materials and components in construction and so offers a premium quality solution to lifting vehicles up to 5.5 Tonnes in weight allowing Class 1V & V11 vehicle MOT testing.
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Bradbury H7553 ATL 5.5 Tonne hybrid Lift
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It's low profile platforms are suitable for all manner of vehicles, including both specialist and tuned vehicles that may have lower ground clearance

Equipped with premium grade hydraulic seals and electrical components, plus a flow control valve to regulate the speed of descent, the 4EE1400 offers superb safety and control when in use.

This particular lift offers an exceptional service life thanks to stringent quality control, ultra-durable components and anti-corrosion coatings where possible.

This product's price includes delivery and installation.

  • Lifting Capacity:3200kg
  • Maximum Height:1960mm
  • Platform Length:1500mm (2110mm with locked ramps)
  • Platform Width:635mm
  • Platform Gap:720mm
  • Warranty:24 Months

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