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Bradbury H4403 MOT 4 Tonne Four Post Lift

The H4403 four post lift by Bradbury is capable of lifting vehicles up to 4 tonnes in weight easily and contains an array of features that make it suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes and types.
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Bradbury H4403 MOT 4 Tonne Four Post Lift
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General Features:

  • Quality engineering to ensure the highest durability and safety, longer life time and to minimise maintenance requirements.
  • Effective at every height: the cables can be lived without charge, lowering a few centimetres while activating the blocking control.
  • Safety racks against lowering: through wedges, the weight is supported by it leaving the cables in repose.
  • Safety system against obstacles in the descent to avoid dangerous unevenness.

Key Points:

  • Specially design for all light or commercial vehicles till 4 Tonnes in weight.
  • The wide platform allows twin wheels.
  • One of the platforms is movable, so the distance between platforms is variable.
  • Completely smooth platforms of 560 mm.
  • Lifting Capacity:4000kg
  • Platform Length:4450mm
  • Drive-on Height:190mm
  • Maximum Height:1700mm
  • Width between Posts:2670mm
  • Overall Width:3035mm
  • Approach Ramps:930mm
  • Lifting Time:35 Seconds
  • Warranty:24 Months

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