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Tecalemit SF 9230 baseless 3 Ton Two Post Lift

The best selling SF 9230 has undergone some significant revisions. The new symmetric lifting arm design now accommodates an even larger range of wheelbase vehicles, importantly the SF 9230 can still lift a broad range of smaller passenger vehicles up to 3 ton a great baseless mechanical lift.
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£3,595 +VAT

Tecalemit  SF 9230 baseless 3 Ton Two Post Lift
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£3,595 +VAT

The SF 8893 offers a clear access between the columns with the hydraulic lines and safety cables being carried in an overhead gantry. The internal clearance height is fixed at 4330mm providing adequate headroom for the majority of cars and vans. Tecalemit offers a range of lifting pad extensions which enable higher ground clearance vehicles to be lifted.


The lift installation requires a floor of 150mm thickness C25/30. Power supply is via a fused isolator rated at 11 amps for 3Ph and 16 amps for 1Ph Installation. Please note that an additional 500mm of workshop roof height is required to allow clearance for installation of the lift.

  • Pad Height Min:125mm
  • Raised Height:1950mm
  • Motor Supply:2.2kw
  • Drive Through Width:2525mm
  • Max Load:4000kg
  • Max Lifting Time:40sec
  • Gross Weight:980kg
  • Net Weight:900kg
  • 3 Phase Power Supply:400v 3ph 50Hz
  • 1 Phase Power Supply:230v 1ph 50Hz
  • Fused Isolator Rating:11amp (3ph) 16amp (1ph)
  • Overhead Access Clearance:5012mm

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