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Tecalemit DE9415 Class IV Single Bed Brake Tester

The DE 9415 brake testers from Tecalemit are high performance electronic roller brake testers which can be supplied in 3 different roller bed formats and in either manual (Standard UL MOT) specification or Automated (UK MOT ATL) specification.
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£11,995 +VAT

Tecalemit DE9415 Class IV Single Bed Brake Tester
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£11,995 +VAT

The DE 9415 brake testers from Tecalemit has a large LED display which can be clearly seen over the length of the test lane, making single man operation, via infra-red control, quick and easy. When installed with the axle weighing system in automated test lanes (ATL) a steel pit frame is supplied to ensure a precision fit of the roller bed in the workshop floor, this is essential to ensure the roller bed and weighing system perform with complete accuracy.

The pit frame is cast into the floor recess and has to be installed when the workshop floor is being prepared. When requested, Tecalemit will supply the frame in advance of the brake tester at no additional cost to the client. ATL Brake tester packages are supplied complete with weighingsystem, pit frame, workstation, PC, Flat Screen Monitor Keyboard and mouse and Tecalemit ATL Software.

  • Part No:DE9415
  • Max permitted axle load:3000Kg
  • Motors:2 x 3Kw
  • Roller speed:2.9km/h
  • Roller diameter:206mm
  • Roller length:700mm
  • Motor controls:Remote
  • Brake force display:Dual concentric display reading  0 -800kg with digital display
  • Wheel slip sensing:Autostop
  • Display dimensions:680x680x160mm
  • Roller chassis dimensions:2340x660x310mm
  • Warranty:24 Months

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