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Dunlop DWB953 Wheel Balancer

The Dunlop DWB953 is an electronic, motorised machine designed for tyre shops and workshops. Standard accessories delivered with the machine include rim width measuring tool, wheel weight hammer/pliers and four standard cones. At the factory, this machine is programmed with a motorcycle balancing option, this machine can be used for motorcycle wheels with the addition of the motorcycle adaptor.
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£1,995 +VAT

Dunlop DWB953 Wheel Balancer
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£1,995 +VAT

  • Maximum Wheel Weight65kg
  • Power SupplySingle Phase (240v)
  • Rim Diameter10’’ – 24’’
  • Rim Width1.5’’ – 20’’
  • Precision1 gram
  • Balancing Time7 seconds
  • Shaft Diameter36mm
  • Alloy wheel programmeYes

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