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Bradbury SASM Set of Mobile Lifting Columns

With the ability to lift up to 7.5 Tonnes each up to a maximum height of 1.450 meters, the Bradbury mobile lifting columns are ideal for those looking for the most flexibility in their lifting set-up.
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£18,899 +VAT

Bradbury SASM Set of Mobile Lifting Columns
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£18,899 +VAT

Key Features of the Bradbury H82884 Mobile Lifting Columns:

  • Large Clearance between wheel stop and post for maximum safety
  • Integrated towing jack on each post
  • Adjustable wheel support for all wheel sizes
  • No separate adaptors required
  • All wheel sizes 155R13- 13R22.50 (D= 550-1140mm)
  • Protected cylinder inside post
  • Piston rod covered by lifting carriage
  • Lifting capacity of 7200kg per post
  • Lifting Time 135 Seconds
  • Lifting Height 1800m
  • Motor1.1KW Per Post
  • 10m Cable Per Post Inclusive in the delivery

Note: These lifting columns require concrete with a minimum strength of 35N/mm2, with a thickness of at least 160mm, that is able to withstand 2.25 Tonnes of Static Load, or 4.5 Tonnes of Shock Load. Must be a continuous slab without cracks or joins.

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