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Bradbury WC5401 Laser Wheel Alignment System

The WC5401 Wheel Alignment system by Bradbury Equipment is designed to allow the busy tyre shop or service work-shop to quickly measure and adjust the most common steering angles on vehicles with up to 22" diameter wheels.
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£2,495 +VAT

Bradbury WC5401 Laser Wheel Alignment System
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£2,495 +VAT

The laser four wheel aligner is available trolley mounted, or in a space saving budget wall mounted version.

Key Features:

  • Measuring heads fits from 12”-22” wheel sizes
  • Fixed laser inside each measuring head
  • Four laser system with unique design inside the measuring head
  • Unique fitting to road wheel/rechargeable battery system
  • Independent charging system
  • Illuminated display panel on trolley mounted version

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